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Market Support Programme

Your journey from the

soil to the store

Market Support is a programme developed to support agrifood entrepreneurs with technical, operational and management capability as they aim to reach local, regional and international markets

Africa presents some of the most dynamic markets in the world, and at a time of growth and positive changes on the continent the potential for agrifood investment in the region is high. Early-stage or start-up businesses on the continent are still largely untapped, while investment in global start-ups has increased drastically.

The agriculture value chain universe covers hundreds of sub sectors serving myriad crops, livestock, processing activities, agriculture technologies (agtech) and customer needs. These subsectors are exposed to broadly similar macro trends. Each, however, has unique supply, demand, and competitive situations. African agrifoods can scale by adapting offerings and business models to serve local and international markets – These are the businesses the programme will support; we encourage the combination of innovation with entrepreneurship to develop agribusinesses across the continent. 

A new channel of demand for producers and certified supply for buyers

The African Agri Council (AAC) has identified gaps in agri food companies who are wanting to access markets. Our team of experts and partners in various fields are here to offer a one stop hub to help them along the journey. AAC makes sure that the entrepreneur has the skills to steer the company to sustainable success.

The Market Support Programme (MSP) assists its beneficiaries with compliance in various aspects where AAC has established gaps limiting the companies from accessing markets such as certification, labelling and food safety.

The AAC, through MSP, has established and is working with a network of local, regional and international buyers to understand their specific requirements regarding products, labelling, certifications etc, and use this information to guide our beneficiaries in their production processes and product development. 

MSP provides a new channel of demand for the programme beneficiaries and certified supply for our buyers.

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